Publishing Sphere, le livre

updated 08:26:51 - May 28, 2023

Publishing Sphere : le livre

Intention An augmented book


On reprend la structure de version 0 d’Écridil

general theory of ps

a hub to access and interweave the materials produced during and after PS

a sequence of 10 keywords (problematized with a theoritical chapeau) > 10 “chapters”

We need to map all the materials and to index them :


as index : connecting to all the diff. works we use keywords to index the diff. works.

  • public space
  • materiality : inscription, embodiement, writing traces
  • language: enonciation, langue, language, dissolution, dénonciation, énonciation, traduction
  • praxis: performance, représenter,
  • institution
  • exception