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updated 08:26:10 - May 28, 2023

Conversations collectives / Collective conversations

Experimental publishing and writing, with Craig Dworking and Nick Thurston

24 mai, 13h45

  • Lionel Ruffel : what is experimental publishing

  • Nick Thurston I do prefer the term accurative publishing definition : thinking through the act of making Experimental publishing and writing with the process as figuring out as you going

publshing as a action, summerize all thoses actors publishing as a negative signifiance

how do we think altogether the publishing as a process

as an artistic act : composing a publishing not totally freewill in the act of publishing


translation should add new paragraphs > snowball effect - aggregating langages

each translation is the catalyst for the next

  • LR: how do you see these 2 kind of publication?

  • Craig D.

from publishing as artist book

in the academic field, peer review as a total scam, it doesnt remove the personal politic, it only hides it.

“i’m writing a book” ? it’s more like text, a novel

books are structure

making a book, is different than publishing

  • Michael : wonder if Craig can speak about the digital infrastructure and the archive ?

speculative publishing, digital infrastructure

  • Craig D.

the archive is technically a new edition, the idea of edition is complicated each edition embed paratexts, the digital edition embeds all of the binary langage, endless, speaks of the idea of the speculative in term of an avant-guarde, with its temporality (needs to retrospect)

but an archive can perform the avant-guard, it is already a retrospection. archive are optimistic in their speculation

  • LR

making books than publishing books what is the interest in still making books ?

is the text is not expanding outside of the book ?

stuck in the book format

  • Craig D.

I like books, as object, the feel of paper, the binding. do not think the contrast between books and other

  • NT. both obsessive readers

coming as a reader, books as a previlege object/status of a realisation sense of time, comitment

  • LR to Craig : you’re not a conceptual author as the concept more important than the content : the content build the concept, embodies it.

those book are impossible to read ?

  • Craig no i don’t agree, they are readable

  • NT

it’s not thinking about readability the concept

interested in the experience of reading

  • LR

to frame a diff. agreement on reading

  • NT yes, to enable it

  • M Nardone speak about the relationship between artist books with that you’re producing

  • Nick T.

artist book, not necessarily a genre identification the idea that the book is an artistic form, in the composition

artist book is a licence to write differently

undetermined space to work through

  • LR

making book is making public : transformation on copyright (creative commons), what about authorship. expérimental pub, is also experimenting way of making public book

  • Craig

the project is a reframing an extand text already a sens of perpetuate text

  • NT

making public, coming from a small press, tradition of making public

  • CD

development of art books has change something in circulation in public sphere

avant-garde poetry, still small edition, publisher, non commercial, they move through a diff. network

  • NT

publishing as disemination



  • LR

CD : teaching literature history modernism