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updated 11:17:46 - October 19, 2020


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This page is generated from a pad CodiMD. It uses markdown syntax and a few tricks to make this page beautiful.


You can edit this note by clicking on the [write] button. Then refresh the page by clicking the [refresh] button.

You can create a new note on CodiMD then publish it on by adding its ID in the adress bar.

url codi url note·s

The title of your note is given by adding this at the beginning of the note :

A note contains several sub-notes that are identified with a level 2 title : ## my level 2 title

Keywords can be attached to sub-notes by simply adding at before the keywords.

Notes supports categorized keywords, for instance :

keywords will generate a categorized index of keywords : nicolas coolNote publication

Thanks to, this page supports web annotations. To be started, you just have to select some text and choose from the toolset which annotation you want to make.


Link your notes here if you dare :